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Protocol Review and Monitoring System (PRMS)

The overall goal of the Protocol Review and Monitoring System (PRMS) is to promote the conduct of scientifically meritorious clinical research under the aegis of the Moores Cancer Center. The mechanism for accomplishing this goal is the establishment of a Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC) to provide internal oversight of all clinical and translational research involving subjects with cancer, as required by the National Cancer Institute.

Through specified procedures for protocol scientific review, prioritization approval, and monitoring of clinical trial progress and conduct, the PRMC ensures that MCC resources are effectively utilized to foster clinical cancer research that is of high scientific quality and importance.

The PRMC retains the authority granted by the Center Director to:

  • Approve cancer-related research protocols for activation at UCSD and affiliate institutions
  • Issue binding recommendations for protocol modification or amendment for reasons of scientific validity or subject safety
  • Defer activation of protocols due to deficiencies in content, study design, or feasibility
  • Close protocols based on a lack of scientific progress, including low accrual


On the electronic Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (ePRMC) website you will be able to request an account, access forms, and view a calendar and committee roster.