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Pre-Award Services and How to Access

These services provided for faculty and grants within the Moores Cancer Center space.

  • Getting your proposal in the submission queue
  • Facilitating adherence to checklists and timelines
  • Preparing budgets and budget justifications
  • Ensuring proposal submission / Proposal review and upload
  • Have your   Pre- Award  admin be your Liaison with OCGA

Getting Started

Notify MCC Pre-Award as soon as a likely submission is identified.

  • Should be no less than 4 weeks from sponsor deadline
  • Able to cancel in the future if decide not to submit
  • This allows proper preparation for all parties involved


  • PI completes the online MCC Proposal Intake Form.
  • Pre-Award Team Lead reaches out to PI, confirming receipt of form and assigning team member (pre-award research admin [PRA]) who will be responsible for submission assistance.
  • Within 2 business days, the assigned PRA contacts the PI to introduce themselves, provide an opportunity to schedule a meeting, and outlines a proposal checklist with relevant due dates.

Services Provided

Pre-Award Research Admin Team (PRA)

  • Ensuring proposal submission PRA works to ensure proposal submission by adhering to UCSD submission deadlines, coordination with central sponsored projects offices (OCGA/HSSPPO) and PIs. PIs must work with PRA to ensure submission of their proposal.
  • Providing Proposal Checklist and Submission Timeline to PI Once a PRA is assigned to the proposal, PRA will provide a proposal checklist and provide the proposal submission timeline to the PI to ensure all required documents are identified and received in a timely manner.
  • Budget and Budget Justification PRA will work one-on-one with the PI to discuss budgetary needs and draft the budget until a final budget is agreed upon. The budget justification first draft should be provided by the PI and once received, PRA will review and make necessary edits to ensure that the justification clearly narrates the budget and meets sponsor guidelines.
  • Uploading Proposal Documents to Internal and External Submission Systems PRA will complete the proposal application via Kuali, ASSIST, Proposal Central, etc. by uploading final documents provided by PI.
  • Provide review of proposal PRA reviews proposals to ensure all required documents are uploaded to the application. Once all final documents are received from PI, the PRA will review for completion and route to OCGA/HSSPPO for final review prior to submission.
  • Serve as liaison between PI and UCSD’s central sponsored projects offices (OCGA/HSSPPO) PRA will work hand-in-hand with OCGA/HSSPPO to ensure/confirm proposal submission. If all proposal documents are received and routed to OCGA/HSSPPO in accordance with UCSD’s 14/5/2 proposal submission timeline policy, OCGA/HSSPPO will provide a thorough review and provide suggested administrative edits. PRA will coordinate the efforts to make suggested edits and re-route for final review/submission. If proposal documents are NOT received in a timely manner, the PI risk two outcomes; 1) OCGA/HSSPPO will submit proposal “as-is” meaning no review will taken place. 2) Proposal may not be submitted. (Please see slide titled, UCSD’s 14/5/2 Proposal Submission Timeline Policy.)

Grant Development Team (GDT)

  • Funding Opportunities – identification, advertisement, targeted matching, clarification of eligibility and other questions
  • Provide templates and examples of proposal documents
  • Provide scientific review of main proposal documents (e.g., specific aims and research strategy)
  • Provide meticulous edit of main proposal documents – (e.g., specific aims and research strategy) for grammar, mechanics, coherence, and cohesion to promote clarity, readability, focus, and persuasion
  • Craft proposal documents – (e.g., letters of support and facilities); ensure biosketches meet current NIH requirements and proposal documents that require intelligibility for lay audiences (e.g., project narrative and project summary/abstract)