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Grant Preparation Support

Moores Cancer Center provides support for cancer-related grant development, writing, editing, and review through the Office of Grant Development, and budget and submission support through the Pre-Award Research Administration.


The OGD provides advice about grant opportunities, developing and writing multidisciplinary proposals, and editing, proofing and review of final drafts of applications.

The services of the OGD are to:

  • Find key grant opportunities linked to the strengths and strategic objectives of Moores Cancer Center
  • Provide support for the development of large scale, interdisciplinary program and center type proposals
  • Assist young clinical investigators in pursuing and preparing peer-reviewed research grant applications
  • Provide scientific review and meticulous editing of main proposal documents
  • Provide supplemental resources suitable for inclusion in grant applications
  • Provide review of final proposals

If you wish to receive assistance for your cancer-related grant from the OGD please fill out this request form: OGD Support Request


For additional inquiries contact

Sonal Desai, PhD



The PRA provides assistance with proposal submissions, including budgets and budget justifications.

The services of the PRA are to:

  • Ensure proposal submission
  • Provide proposal checklist and submission timeline to PI
  • Provide assistance drafting and finalizing budgets and budget justifications
  • Upload proposal documents to internal and external submission systems
  • Provide review of proposals
  • Serve as liaison between PI and UCSD’s central sponsored projects offices (OCGA/HSSPPO)

If you are an approved faculty member of Moores Cancer Center and wish to receive assistance from the PRA, please fill this request form: PRA Support Request


For additional inquiries contact

Lauren Ash


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