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Grant Preparation Support


The OGD manager is available for advice about grant opportunities, help in developing and writing multidisciplinary proposals, and in proofing and editing final drafts of applications. If you are an approved faculty member of Moores Cancer Center and wish to receive assistance in these areas, please review the guidelines below.
The functions of the OGD are to:

  • Find key grant opportunities linked to the strengths and strategic objectives of Moores Cancer Center
  • Provide support to the development of large scale, interdisciplinary program and center type proposals
  • Advise and counsel investigators on the rules and regulations of UC San Diego and major granting agencies on the application process
  • Assist young clinical investigators in pursuing and preparing peer-reviewed research grant applications
  • Prepare Moores Cancer Center core grant related applications
  • Maintain a database of UC San Diego and Moores Cancer Center resources suitable for inclusion in grant applications


  • Fill out the MCC Grant Proposal Submission Support Request form, stating the desired assistance. Straightforward tasks such as information will be promptly addressed.
  • Requests for assistance in grant preparation/coordination require the approval of the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center director or his delegate.
  • Make requests for more involved assistance at least 60 days before the agency submission deadline.
  • Make requests for specific assignments and tasks. Service may be more limited than the request due to other assignments.
  • PIs must be willing to collaborate and cooperate on an application given competing demands on and limited scientific expertise of the OGD.
  • Under no circumstances will the OGD prepare the entire grant application for a PI.


Brian Greene, EdD

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