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Behind the Science Podcast

Behind the Science: a Cancer Research Forum | Episode 1



William Kim, PhD

Co-Director, UCSD Center for Cancer Target Discovery and Development (CTD2) Assistant Professor, Division of Medical Genetics, UC San Diego School of Medicine Visiting Scientist, Cancer Program, Broad Institute of MIT/Harvard

Understanding Breast Cancer Complexities One Cell at a Time


Matt Hangauer, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology

Understanding How Cancer Becomes Drug Resistant


David Piccioni, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurosciences Director of Neuro-Oncology

Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Spreading to the Spinal Fluid


Leslie A. Crews, PhD

Co-Leader, Hematologic Malignancies Program

There and Back Again: Accelerating Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials through Lab-Based Discoveries and Community Collaboration


Nasim Kasiri, MPH

Cannabis Use Among Adult Cancer Survivors in Southern California