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Moores CancerDAT

Empowering Communities to Impact Cancer Outcomes

Moores CancerDAT helps inform communities of their unique cancer burden and risk factor profile, promotes community engagement, and provides best practices to impact outcomes.

Originally funded as HealthDAT through a subaward with the UCSD Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute’s CTSA award, CancerDAT evolved after a need was identified through the Moores Cancer Center Community Outreach and Engagement discussions with community partners. These partners suggested that improved usability and utility could be achieved for organizations with cancer-specific goals if a site were created with the features of HealthDAT, but specific to cancer.

Created in collaboration with academic and community partners through a human-centered-design approach, CancerDAT is a freely available, intuitive website that provides:

  • Visually appealing population data at the neighborhood level (e.g., cancer incidence, mortality, and hospital discharge; demographics; behaviors; and social determinants of health)
  • Vetted best practices to address cancer outcomes
  • Mapped community resources, dissemination of data results
  • Platform for web-based training
  • Connections to community and academic partners with cancer-related interests.

CancerDAT enables community partners to easily visualize and access their own neighborhood-level data and to identify and collaborate in research relevant to their needs. We encourage you to use CancerDAT as a resource as you develop research project topics, aims, and partners.




Work funded by UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center (P30 CA023100-29) & Clinical and Translational Service Award (NIH UL1TR001442)