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Our goal

The goal for Moores Cancer Center Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) is to address cancer disparities and inequities in San Diego County by establishing sustained community partnerships to identify and disseminate evidence-based, cancer-related information and resources across the cancer continuum.

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Moores Cancer Center provides cancer education, outreach, and care to underserved and diverse populations.

In 2022, 19.6% of the cancer center’s outpatient cancer population were insured by Medi-Cal. Unfortunately, underserved communities in this region have significant disparities in cancer incidence and mortality, as well as a high percentage of cancer risk factors, such as obesity and low screening rates.

COE Annual Highlights

Our investigators are involved in community-engaged cancer disparities research.

Our nationally renowned researchers sustain authentic community and healthcare partnerships, by measuring and understanding our area’s cancer burdens, disparities and contributing factors, and using this information to promote clinical, research, and policy initiatives. To learn more about some of these projects, take a look at our Priority Projects in the community.

Aims of Community Outreach and Engagement

  1. Assess the cancer burden in catchment area

  2. Foster and facilitate research that addresses cancer burden and disparities in the catchment area 

  3. Conduct cancer research and education to reduce the cancer burden in the catchment area

  4. Engage with regional and national partners to impact policies

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Catchment Area Diversity

San Diego County comprises a population of approximately 3.5 million residents. MCC’s catchment area is a minority-majority region, where non-Hispanic whites (NHWs) are not the majority population and Hispanics make up a sizeable proportion (34% in San Diego County). The county also has a larger proportion of Asians and Pacific Islanders compared to the rest of the United States. Thus, our catchment area region is made up of extensive cultural, linguistic, and racial/ethnic diversity.

Community Snapshots