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HPV Vaccination



In 2019, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center (MCC) partnered with the San Diego Immunization Program (SDIP) to conduct 38 interviews as part of an environmental scan to identify strategies to improve local HPV vaccine rates. Results showed gaps and opportunities within the health care, pharmacy, and school sectors. 

On February 25, 2021, MCC’s Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) team held a virtual HPV Vaccination Call to Action Summit, sharing the findings of the study to convene and catalyze action with immunization partners from these three sectors. The team announced the publication of a San Diego HPV Vaccination Call to Action, shared with all


 attendees and intended to anchor future community actions in evidence-based research.


San Diego Protecting Against HPV (SD PATH)

This workgroup will look at the opportunities identified in the San Diego HPV Vaccination Call to Action and engage partners in health, pharmacy, and school sectors to decrease HPV-associated cancers by increasing awareness, education, and HPV vaccination rates.



What is the San Diego HPV Vaccination Call to Action Report?

A summary of HPV vaccination knowledge, awareness, and practices by health providers, pharmacists, and school/university providers in San Diego County to help stakeholders identify opportunities to increase HPV vaccinations. We encourage you to review the document and find opportunities to increase HPV vaccinations within your own organizations.



2021 By the NumbersPATH-2021.jpg

Check out our annual summary of the inaugural year of SD PATH! We are looking forward to more opportunities to make San Diego HPV cancer free.




Helpful Links 



 Check it out! HPV Vaccination: Open Forum Webinar for Parents and Guardians, Recorded 8.2.21 hpv-webinar-image.jpg

Moderator: Pamela Tom, Founder of HPV and Me
Panelists: Melissa Rose, MD- Director of Pediatrics, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center; Pamela Kahn, MPH, BS, RN, NCSN, California School Nurses Organization; Mike West, JD- Head & Neck Cancer Survivor



SD PATH Workgroup Members



Community Outreach & Engagement Staff Leads

Jesse Nodora, DrPH
Karina Moyano, MPH
Margaux Stack-Babich

If you would like more information on workgroup activities, please contact Margaux Stack-Babich ( or Karina Moyano (