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solid tumor therapeutics

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As a member you will be connected with researchers across the cancer continuum, from basic science through public health, and across all UCSD schools, SDSU and La Jolla institute. Learn more about funding opportunities and other member resources today.


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Recent Program Publications

Vaccine Strategies for Human Papillomavirus-Associated Head and Neck Cancers


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Immunotherapy and radiation therapy sequencing: State of the data on timing, efficacy, and safety


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A Phase II Basket Trial of Dual Anti–CTLA-4 and Anti–PD-1 Blockade in Rare Tumors (DART SWOG 1609) in Patients with Nonpancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors


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Speed Mentor Workshop

Opportunity for trainees and junior faculty to network and ask questions about career paths, scientific progress, and learning healthcare organizational culture


Rob Signer, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine

Colleen McHugh, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

David Schlaepfer, PhD

Department of OBGYN and Reproductive Sciences

May 12

12-1pm on Zoom

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Sep 8

Oct 13

Nov 10

Dec 8

CT2 Lecture Series

Training the next generation of leaders in cancer drug and diagnostics development

Mondays 12PM - 1PM VIA ZOOM


Development of an Individualized Neoantigen Cancer Vaccine

Speaker: Erza Cohen, M.D.


Comparative Effectiveness of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors vs. Chemotherapy by Tumor Mutational Burden in Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Filling Evidence Gaps using Real-World Data

Speaker: Ryan Graf, PhD


Macrophage mediated antibody targeting of drug resistant solid tumors

Stephen McCormack, PhD, Alpha Beta Therapeutics

Zoom link:
Password: 673134


The development of safe and effective therapeutic and diagnostic agents and the strategies to guide their use is essential to improving the care of cancer patients in our catchment area and beyond.Learn more about the program and goals here





Ezra Cohen, MD

Professor of Medicine
Associate Director,
Translational Science
Chief of Division of
Moores Cancer Center

Phone: 858-822-5800


Judith Varner, PhD

Professor, Pathology and Medicine
Director, Faculty Mentoring for the Department of Pathology

Phone: 858-822-2703