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The Science Of... Podcast

Moores Cancer Center has been supporting a new podcast, led by the  teen center at the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA,  called “  The Science Of  ”    series.  The talented teens at the Jackie Robinson YMCA interview experts from Moores Cancer Center and UC San Diego with the goal of bringing science into everyday life with fascinating topics such as the Science of Cancer, the Science of Vaping, the Science of Healthy Eating, and many, many more.  This podcast also follows each expert from the beginning of their interest in the field and the path they took to get to their career, and thus serves as a great chance for students to hear about careers in STEM, and making these careers paths accessible and welcoming to everybody.  Please click on the links below to listen.

Episode 7 | The Science of Cancer and Nail Care

Episode 6 | The Science of Cancer Prevention & Health Literacy

Episode 5 | The Science of Communities Fighting Cancer


Angelique Richardson, MD, PhD

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Episode 4 | The Science of Human Performance

Episode 3 | The Science of Nutrition and Cancer


Christine Zoumas, MS, RD

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Episode 2 | The Science of Vaping


Dr. Laura Crotty-Alexander

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Episode 1 | The Science of Cancer