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Registration to Use Services


UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center members wishing to use a service with payment through a purchase order should contact the Shared Resource directly for instructions before use.

If you are a Moores Cancer Center member* using a UC San Diego POETAF number for payment registration is NOT required to use any Moores Cancer Center-sponsored shared resource facility. This information is used for billing purposes and for Moores Cancer Center tracking purposes only.

Registration is required for non-Moores Cancer Center members using any of our sponsored facilities for the first time. When registration has been successfully completed, you will be notified by e-mail. Once in our database, researchers are free to utilize any facility.

NOTE: Only the Principal Investigator (P.I.) should register, NOT each staff member of the P.I.'s lab team.

PI Registration to Bill by UC POETAF PI Registration to Bill by Invoice

*Membership is a formal on-line application process, initiated by the P.I. This is followed by a review and recommendation process involving Moores Cancer Center leadership.




Visit the membership page to learn about the benefits and responsibilities of being a scientific member of the Moores Cancer Center. Membership Page