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Shared Resources

Radiation Medicine


The Moores Cancer Center Radiation Medicine Shared Resource Facility provides internal and external clients with individualized radiation treatments using our Precision X-Ray stereotactic Small Animal X-Ray Radiation Therapy (SmART) machine. In addition to X-Ray irradiation, MCCT clients can also use the built-in CT imaging system to image mice without breaking vivarium biosafety protocols, allowing them to keep their mice in the main MCCT vivarium. The CT imaging system is used to develop an unique treatment plan created by working with your team for your project and your experiments. The beams can target tumors or tissues in 360 degrees, feature multiple collimated beam sizes from a circular 2.5mm diameter beam up to 40x40mm square beam and are ideal for dose fractionation and dose escalation studies. Services include stereotactic X-Ray irradiation of in vivo model systems, whole-body irradiation of mouse pies, as well as irradiation of cell and tissue culture systems including Eppendorf tubes, cryotubes, conical tubes, dishes, and flasks.


Radiation Medicine Shared Resource Services

  • Stereotactic X-Ray irradiation of in vivo tumor or tissue models
  • Whole-body X-Ray irradiation including mouse pie
  • Cell and tissue culture irradiation
  • CT imaging
  • BMT ablation
  • Individualized treatment plan development with publication-quality images
  • Dose fractionation studies
  • Dose escalation studies
  • Dose modeling studies
  • Experimental design and consultation
  • X-Ray sterilization

Sample instructions

  • Cells to be irradiated can be brought in tubes, dishes, and plates, at room temperature, on ice, or on dry ice. Please reach out for more detailed questions.
  • Mice need to be brought in mouse pies for whole-body irradiation. Alternatively, for precision radiation, they can be brought in cages.
  • If you have dosing questions, please reach out.

Recharge Rates

JL Shepherd and Co. Gamma Irradiator

​Item Code Item Description ​Unit Cost
RM0002A1 Radiation Medicine / Hr. - Participating Member $ 95.00
RM0002A2 Radiation Medicine  Hr. - Associate Member $ 202.00
RM0002B Radiation Medicine  Hr. - Non-Member, UCSD Faculty $ 202.00
RM0002C1 Radiation Medicine  Hr. - Non-University, Non-Profit $ 293.00
RM0002C2 Radiation Medicine  Hr. - Non-University, For-Profit $ 293.00
RM0002C3 Radiation Medicine / Hr. -Cancer Centers Council $ 293.00

Precision X-Ray SmART Stereotactic X-Ray Irradiator

​Item Code Item Description ​Unit Cost
RM0003A1 Radiation Medicine / Hr. - Participating Member $ 119.00
RM0003A2 Radiation Medicine  Hr. - Associate Member $ 253.00
RM0003B Radiation Medicine  Hr. - Non-Member, UCSD Faculty $ 253.00
RM0003C1 Radiation Medicine  Hr. - Non-University, Non-Profit $ 366.00
RM0003C2 Radiation Medicine  Hr. - Non-University, For-Profit $ 336.00
RM0003C3 Radiation Medicine / Hr.-Cancer Center Council $ 366 .00


Operating Policies

A minimum two-week advance notice is required before booking irradiation appointments. Please contact  Riley  Jones ( ) for more information including availability. The Core Facility observes all University Holidays and will be closed on these days.


Live Calendar


Director:  Andrew Sharabi, MD PhD, Director
Phone:  858-534-2381

Contact:  Riley Jones, Manager and Operator
Phone:  858-534-2381

UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
Vivarium Room B010
3855 Health Sciences Drive, MC 0803
La Jolla, CA 92093-0803