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Science Enrichment Education Program

A Joint Effort of UC San Diego and SDSU

Creating Scientists to Address Cancer Disparities Program (CSP):

A program to prepare community college students who are matriculating to UC San Diego or SDSU for careers in cancer disparities research: basic, behavioral, or other science major.

Eight-Week Program Dates: June 21, 2021 - Aug. 13, 2021
Salary: $3,200 ($400/week)
Plus optional travel scholarship funding so that participants can present their research at a national scientific conference.


United States Citizen or Permanent Resident and at least one of the following three additional characteristics:

  • Of African American, Hispanic American, Native American/Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander descent.
  • Be from a socioeconomically disadvantaged/low-income background (e.g., participated in the National School Lunch Program).
  • Neither parent/guardian graduated from a four-year US college or university.


For answers to questions not addressed, please email:

International Cancer Education Conference
Salt Lake City, Utah, September 2019
International Cancer Education Conference
Atlanta, Georgia, September, 2018